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Top 5 Posts of January

Top 5

With our first month of publishing in the books, we’d like to start off by saying thanks to everyone who’s been reading. We’ve had an incredibly successful launch, and we hope you keep coming back to us for political analysis. And as always, we encourage you to bring your voice to the conversation. Head over to the Submit Your Post page now; we need your voice!

Here were the top five posts you were interested in this month:

  1. Social Liberal, Fiscal Conservative, Contradiction; by Matthew Aguilar-Champeau ’14
  2. Excitement for Policy Wonks and Pot Smokers; by Alex Everhart ’15
  3. The Fiscal Cliff: What Happened? by Chris Miller ’14
  4. The Final Frontier on a Budget; by Eric Topel ’15
  5. The Hate for Hagel; by Alec Paulson ’16

Want your article on this list next month? There’s only one way to get there: submit your post today!


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